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Computer crash help, mac help, pc help, nights and weekends
We specialize in the migration of your server-based system
to the Cloud.  Save maintenance costs and headache by
dumping that money pit you call a network server.

Second opinions on problem analysis and proposed
solutions promoted by others.  It never hurts to ask.

Small business troubleshooting and support...  Fast and
effective repair of your systems, and tech devices.

We'll provide purchase recommendations for new equipment
based on your existing system profile.  Buy the right pieces
to properly integrate all your stuff to current and future
technologies.   Keep your technologies talking to each other.

We offer installation and configuration of your equipment
and/or will provide you hands on training so your can do it
yourself.  Don’t pay twice for reoccurring installs.

We work with all major platforms and operating systems
including iOS, OSX, Windows, and Google Chrome running on
PCs, Macs, Smartphones, wired and wireless networks.
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"If you want your
company business and
personal business
affairs to run smoothly
than I highly recommend
that you use the services
of Segall Systems Inc."

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