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"As one who came of age
before the age of the
Personal Computer, I was
daunted by my ignorance of
the most basic operations.
Riva has been a fountain of
knowledge, wisdom and
patience. She has helped
me with e-mail and with
word processing, although I
know that her fields of
competence go far beyond

She has installed software
on my computer that allows
her to enter my computer
remotely to help us with any
problems we might be
having. This is very

Beryl C. Haigney
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About us...

We've been working with technology for over 3
5 years.

Our projects have included everything from explaining how to use
systems in technical specifications and step-by-step english instructions
to systems engineering.  

Our clients range from individuals and small businesses to large
institutions.  When LANs and PCs were brand new in the early 1980's,
we installed one of the first Local Area Networks for a division of

We are a small consulting firm located i
n Daytona Beach. Our clients are
NYC, Wisconsin, Paris and Boulder, too.  

We give individual attention to all of our clients.  Technology is here to
stay and we will do everything we can to help you get comfortable and
effective with it!  We are your personal trainers on computers.

We provide technical support when your MIS department is closed or

       We come to you, or you come to us

            We can work over the phone,
    and by logging on to your computer
    from our office.  

    Hourly rates @ $75 - $135

    Ask about our on-going
    support contracts
    and by-the-project rates