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Mike Domino, CEO Domino Plastics, Writer, Poet, Photographer, Traveler:

"If you want your company business and personal business affairs to run smoothly than I highly
recommend that you use the services of Segall Systems Inc.

Segall Systems Inc
. is always there to fix what needs fixing and upgrade you to the latest’s and
the greatest in the world of computing; and much more.

With Segall Systems Inc. on your team you can focus on the core of your business and when
everything is working perfectly you will have less worries and this should translate into more
leisure time to enjoy life, family friends and passions."
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Kelly Welles, CEO Welles Financial Services

"Segall Systems Inc is unsurpassed in technology and human relations.  They installed new
computers; developed a web site, trained me, provides research and recommendations, and
troubleshoots all kinds of software; highly responsive; unfailingly pleasant to work with. I would
recommend Segall Systems to anyone from beginner to mogul. There isn't a situation they haven't
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